Springboard ‘gems’

Want to inspire and nurture future hospitality industry talent?

Get involved in Springboard’s new educational scheme ‘‘GEMS’’ and give students an amazing career-enhancing boost.

There are three ways to participate:

GEMS Logo On Whitegems bulletpoint Become a mentor
gems bulletpoint Provide student placements 
gems bulletpoint Be a guest lecturer



Why you should participate:

gems bulletpoint ‘gems’ begins this Autumn for all hospitality-related course students at university (2nd year and above).
gems bulletpoint Build a student’s confidence - with one to one coaching, developing professional skills and careers advice.
gems bulletpoint Spot new talent - by providing invaluable job training in the form of work placements.
gems bulletpoint Develop links with universities - and build the profile of your organisation as a great employer.
gems bulletpoint Support the future of the hospitality industry - and contribute to your organisation’s CSR programme.
gems bulletpoint Develop your own coaching skills - enhancing your CV/personal profile and gain a sense of personal achievement.

What is expected of you as a mentor?

gems bulletpoint 5+ years’ senior management experience in the hospitality industry
gems bulletpoint Regular face to face, telephone and online support for your matched mentee
gems bulletpoint Helping the mentee to network and gain contacts with employers
gems bulletpoint A strong desire to help future talent and support the hospitality sector.
gems bulletpoint Confident coaching skills


‘GEMS’ is brought to you by leading industry charity Springboard, in association with The Savoy Educational Trust.

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‘gems’ is also kindly supported by:

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