INSPIRE - the Hospitality Industry’s Quality Assurance for Work Experience

INSPIRE incorporates definitive step by step guide for anyone wishing to provide first class work experience in Hotels, Private Member Clubs, FSM or Restaurants.

INSPIRE is designed to ensure planning and delivery of first class work experiences - whether a short taster, a two week placement from school, an extended experience from college, or a year-long degree student placement.

INSPIRE Subscription

Subscription to INSPIRE ensures that those looking for work experience within the sector know that they will be participating in inspiring and meaningful work experience which meets Springboard's quality standard.

  • You will be recognised by education establishments as employers delivering quality work experience
  • You will be assessed and provided with recommendations to improve your work experience structure to meet INSPIRE standards
  • You will have access to subscriber only tools and resources available online via the INSPIRE web portal
  • You will have support from Springboard to deliver quality work experience
  • You will have an online presence via the INSPIRE website

"It is a real insight into how the industry actually is and what it offers" - Gareth Billington, Executive Head Chef, Sodexo Prestige, Everton football club

"I truly believe the INSPIRE toolkit is so useful and ensures a consistent delivery of Work Experience both for the student but also those supporting it within the Hotel" - Lydia Pugh Human Resources Officer - Bracknell & St Anne's Manor

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