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INSPIRE was developed by Springboard to meet the hospitality sector’s on going need to attract new talent across the business by delivering quality work experience. This was in response to Springboard's research which identified work experience as the single most important factor influencing career choice.

The industry still suffers from high drop-out rates as a direct result of poor work experience. INSPIRE acts as a Quality Standard and covers all types of work experience from short tasters to yearlong student placements.

There are two ways to become INSPIRE accredited

  • Assessment of existing work experience schemes to ensure they meet the standard
  • Adoption of INSPIRE’s step by step guidelines

Accredited organisations are quality assured and inspected once every three years

Key Benefits

  • Authorised use of the Quality Standard to distinguish you as a provider of excellent work experience
  • Support and guidance from Springboard experts to aid in the delivery of first class work experience, proven to attract new talent
  • Promotion as a recognised provider of quality work experience to schools, colleges and universities by Springboard
  • Exclusive subscription to our INSPIRE web portal which contains easy accessible and user friendly templates and inforamtion

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